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Bitcoin has started to revolutionize the international financial system. The spread of the means of payment has greatly increased in recent years and also the first online casinos now offer deposits and withdrawals with this cryptocurrency. On this page you will find not only the test about the best BTC casinos and games, but also many additional background information about transactions and last but not least my personal Bitcoin Casino experiences.

My Bitcoin Casino Experiences - All About Gambling with Cryptocurrencies

Who has never played in online casinos with Bitcoin, certainly has some questions about it. Essentially, everything works the same as with other payment methods, but there are still a few small things to consider. I would like to share my personal Bitcoin Casino experiences with you on the following topics:

Is paying at BTC Casino safe?

Paying with Bitcoins is somewhat different than with classic payment service providers. Since BTC is a decentralized blockchain, there is no central body that verifies or approves the payment. You simply send the appropriate amount to the desired address and the payment is recorded in the Blockchain. All credits and addresses are publicly visible in the blockchain, but cannot be manipulated. However, the credit is only safe if you protect your own private key. A private key is literally the key to all access to a specific Bitcoin address, which is called a public key. More information can be found in the section “Security”.

Even the best Bitcoin casino must transmit all communication and payment transactions encrypted. But even if the individual public keys should be intercepted, without the corresponding private key these data are completely useless, therefore the public keys (as an analogy to account number) can also be shared without hesitation. Paying at Bitcoin Casino is therefore safer than with any other payment method.

How to pay and are there fees?

If you click on deposit in a crypto casino, you can first select the desired method. Even if it is a casino with Bitcoin deposit, usually all other classic payment methods such as credit cards, wallets or transfers are also available. If you have selected BTC, you will receive an address (public key) that belongs to your casino account. Now you have to determine what amount you want to send to your casino account. This is usually specified in BTC, but for security purposes a computer is provided, where you can enter a euro amount and the corresponding Bitcoin equivalent is displayed.

However, you have to arrange the “transfer” yourself, there is no payment service provider such as Visa, which takes this for you after entering all data. You now go into your Bitcoin wallet and enter there the public key of the casino account and the transfer amount. To do this, you have to determine the respective transaction fee, unless the wallet automatically assumes this for you.

After you click the “Send” button, the transaction is sent to the blockchain network and checked and executed by it. An accepted payment can then be found in the blockchain and is now deemed to have been made. The credit is then available at the casino. Note, however, that the confirmation of the payment takes a few minutes. Since the block time for Bitcoin is 10 minutes, you have to wait at least until the next block and hope that your payment is already listed, which is usually the case when there are not too many open payments in the network that do not fit into one block. In this case, the miners who add the transactions to the blockchain will prioritize payments with higher fees. All non-included transactions stay on the network and wait for the next block.

I have already briefly touched on the subject of fees. For transactions, the referrer must pay a fee to the network, which is paid to the miners as a reward for their work. You can set the amount of this fee as you like, but keep in mind: the higher the fee, the more likely the transaction will be added to the next block of the blockchain. However, modern wallets offer an option to charge the fee automatically depending on network usage, so you don't have to worry about it yourself. The casino itself does not take any additional fees for the deposit, but must bear the fees even when making a withdrawal. Read more in the Bitcoin Casino Payout section.

The Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus Offers for New Customers

According to my personal Bitcoin Casino experience, there is also a welcome bonus for the first deposit with each provider. This bonus can either be stated directly as a Bitcoin bonus or you get a Euro bonus if the casino account is held in euros. If a bonus is specified with a Bitcoin amount, the player account is also kept in this cryptocurrency and the corresponding deposit bonus is credited.

As with all other new customer bonuses, a BTC bonus is subject to various conditions. Corresponding details can be found on the Casino Bonus page, there are no differences to the bonuses in other cryptos.

Fairness bei BTC Online Casinos

BTC casinos must also have a gambling license and are therefore under the control of a regulatory authority. This also ensures the fairness of the games at online casinos with Bitcoin, because all game results are also visible by the authority and are evaluated by external companies at regular intervals. In these payout reports, the odds from all bets and winnings are listed, where you can see the house advantage of the individual games. High payout rates of usually 95% + are considered fair German Bitcoin casinos and are a proof of non-manipulated games. Well-known authorities for online gambling are based in Malta, Gibraltar, Schleswig-Holstein or Curacao. The logo and the name of the relevant authority can be found at the bottom of each casino page.

What to consider in a Bitcoin payout

The very first payout in any casino must first go through the so-called KYC procedure. KYC stands for” know your customer " – which means: know your customer. This is required for all payments on the Internet for the prevention of money laundering. Only when the identity is clearly proven, one can make any payments. The customer service of each casino will therefore request a copy of your identity card. You can upload it directly on the casino website or send it by email to support. In case of ambiguities you can ask directly in German in the chat.

Once this step is completed (the check rarely lasts longer than one day), the payout can be made. To do this, you have to tell the casino the public key of your own wallet, which usually already happens at the withdrawal request. The casino then gives the transfer to the P2P network of the blockchain further and waits there for confirmation. Depending on the amount of fees specified by the casino this can take times faster or slower, here you should bring as with every transaction a little patience.

Why BTC Casinos? The advantages and disadvantages compared to other payment methods

Why do players and casinos like to use Bitcoin? For casinos, the obvious advantage is of course to offer another payment option for their customers, but why do players want to pay with cryptocurrencies? On the one hand, a modern payment method and, in addition to security and low fees, also brings other benefits. The advantages, but also disadvantages for casino and players are briefly listed here:

Advantages Disadvantages
Player Low fees,
Secure payments,
Privacy Policy
Slower transactions,
Manage your own wallet,
Still Relatively Few Bitcoin Casinos
Casino Low fees,
Secure payments,
Competitive advantage over other casinos
Fluctuating exchange rate,
Higher administrative effort to manage customer credit wallets

Payment transactions with cryptocurrencies are therefore not always better and not easier. But what exactly are the differences to other online casino payment methods? Is it worth it for you to use Bitcoin instead of a credit card payment? Let's look at Bitcoin in comparison to other popular payment methods.

Payment method Advantage Disadvantage User-friendliness Typical limits Dues
Bitcoin particularly safe rather slow payment confirmation rather complicated from 0.001BTC without limit very low
PayPal fast and easy there are only a few PayPal casinos easy $ 10 to $ 8,000 very high
Instant Banking fast deposits no payment easy $ 10 to $ 20,000 no
Paysafecard Full cost control no payment rather simple $ 1 to $ 1,000 no
Bank Transfer widespread very slow transfers medium $ 20 to $ 50,000 no

As you can see, the handling of Bitcoin is not as easy as with other payment options. Especially for crypto beginners, the understanding of the setup of the wallet, the importance of the keys as well as the greater responsibility for their own credit is a change and first needs some time to familiarize themselves with it. After that, however, you can benefit from very flexible limits and extremely low fees if the speed of transactions is not so important to you. But you have a higher security (as with Ethereum casinos) than with alternatives such as the Mastercard credit card, Giropay or digital wallets. Also, there are no such high costs as with a bank, even with a very high high roller deposit. If you want to use Bitcoin, you do not need to register. You simply create your own Bitcoin address independently of each institution. Only the price fluctuations currently deter many people from paying with it in daily life.

Play with Bitcoin in online Casinos

At the top Bitcoin casinos we distinguish between two different cases. The deposit is made by Bitcoin, but the deposited balance is kept in euros as usual. Then you can virtually gamble all casino games, which are also found in other casinos. A real casino with Bitcoin will also keep your deposit in the casino account as Bitcoin balances. But you can only play Bitcoin casino games. The following sections show which casino games you can play with Bitcoin.

Since the bets on Bitcoin games are also made in BTC, the amounts are correspondingly small because of the high Bitcoin rate. Therefore, after the games I offer a small overview of how much the Bitcoin amounts are worth in euros.

Bitcoin Slot Casinos - Play slots with Real stakes

If you Deposit with Bitcoin, also want to play slots with Bitcoin. When creating an account, please note that BTC is also selected. Some BTC casinos offer both crypto and euro at the same time, then you have to select which currency you want to play with in the account area.

In all casinos listed above you can play directly with Bitcoin. There is also a slot with crypto theme, which can be played in other real money casinos with Euro. Here you can try the Bitcoin slot machine Satoshis Secret for free. Here you will find many more online slots.

This Bitcoin game comes from the provider Endorphina, but BTC casinos often have many more game manufacturers under contract. The most famous ones are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Bally Wulff, Amatic or Betsoft – to name just a few. In the test report to a provider there are all details.

Bitcoin Table Games - Play Roulette & Blackjack with BTC

Good BTC casinos for table games not only have a large selection of roulette and blackjack games, which can be played directly with cryptocoins, also the wagering requirements of the Bitcoin Bonus for Roulette and blackjack games I have observed in the Bitcoin Casino test. The following Bitcoin Roulette & Blackjack casinos have the best combination of game selection, bonus offer and easy to fulfill bonus conditions.

Bitcoin Live Dealer Casinos with real Croupiers

In addition to software-based table games, modern casinos also have a live dealer casino, where you can take a seat directly at a real table via live stream. The real dealers shuffle and divide the cards and throw the ball into the roulette cauldron and every detail can be observed from several angles. Other live dealer games are Casino Holdem, Baccarat, various other poker variants or dice games such as Sic Bo. However, not all providers have a live casino, which is why I want to list the best Bitcoin Live Dealer casinos here.

Bitcoin Casino Apps for all smartphones and tablets

Bitcoin casinos usually also offer a mobile solution for Android and iOS, in which the game offer can also be used on the go. A good app not only has as many Bitcoin games as possible to choose from, but also the deposit via cryptocurrency should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible on the mobile device. All German Bitcoin casinos have a so-called web app for mobile games. This means that all games can be played directly on the mobile casino site. So only a mobile browser is required.

However, native download apps from the respective stores are rather scarce, which is largely due to the restrictions of the stores regarding real money gambling. For Android, however, there is still the possibility to install apps outside the Google Play store, which is used by at least some casino providers. Since you can use almost all Bitcoin casinos without exception as mobile casinos with instant play in the browser, we focus in the Bitcoin Casino comparison because of the simple and fast browser variant.

Limits on playing bitcoin

The price fluctuates constantly and is generally very high compared to the euro. However, since bets are rarely placed in the range of an entire Bitcoin, the usual limits on the slots and table games are in the milli-Bitcoin range (mBTC). In order to make the values with many zeros or the mBTC values a little more understandable in value, I compare the euro equivalent in the following table.

BTC mBTC Satoshi Dollars
1 1.000 100.000.000 9.500$
0,1 100 10.000.000 950$
0,01 10 1.000.000 95$
0,001 1 100.000 9,50$
0,0001 0,1 10.000 0,95$
0,00001 0,01 1.000 9,5ct
0,000001 0,001 100 0,95ct
0,0000001 0,0001 10 0,095ct
0,00000001 0,00001 1 0,0095ct

The limits for paylines in Bitcoin slots will range from 0.01 mBTC to 1mBTC, which is about 10Cent to 10$. But there can also be machines with even lower or even higher betting limits. Bets on Bitcoin table games are usually higher in the range of 0.1 mBTC to high 1BTC, which is roughly equivalent to a bet of$ 1 to $10,000.

What is Bitcoin?

The fact that one speaks here of a cryptocurrency is already an indication that it is different from the classic ones, which we use day in and day out. So there are special features that need to be considered and which I will now go into in more detail. First, something basic: what is Bitcoin anyway?

Bitcoin is a completely digital and decentralized currency. In other words, it is not a physical means of money where there are real coins and notes. There is no institution that can influence this currency and it is not tied to a particular country or area. In addition, Bitcoin does without banks. So with Bit Coins you can shop all over the world without having to act as a middleman between the parties involved in transfers. Transfer fees are thus reduced to a minimum. Another special feature is the fact that the cash flows are almost, but not completely, anonymizable.

The idea came about in a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The paper dealt with the problem of conventional means of payment. This is about the fact that currencies do not work without trust. Nakamoto's work proposed a solution to the problem and developed an alternative. As a result, the Bitcoin network was created on 03.01.2009. Who it really is Nakamoto, is not known. There are various assumptions that circulate on the net, but all have in common that they cannot be confirmed.

Bitcoin Information
Year of publication 2009
Founder Satoshi Nakamoto
Maximum units 21.000.000
Units in circulation 17,95+ million
Smallest unit 1 Satoshi (1/100 Mio BTC)
Symbol BTC
Blockchain 224 GB (as of 06/2019)
Time 10min
Mining SHA-256
Origin Block 03.01.2009
Number of blocks Over 600,000
Biggest casino win 11.000 BTC

Company headquarters

However, the term currency is not correct in connection with Bitcoin. Currencies are a state-recognised means of payment, which must be accepted. Bitcoin does not yet have this status and must therefore actually be described as a simple means of payment. Nevertheless, it is still called crypto currency by everyone for the sake of simplicity.

Was macht Bitcoin für Online Casinos so interessant?

Several aspects of cryptocurrency make them so interesting and attractive for Bitcoin gambling. One point is data protection for payments. If you pay with Bitcoin, sensitive personal data such as the account details will not be sent. The initially wicked reputation of an anonymous means of payment has helped make it the most popular means of payment on the Dark Web. However, payments are not really completely anonymous as described in the Security Aspects section.

Then there is the convenience of currency, just in terms of paying in secure Bitcoin casinos. So you can pay bills abroad without having to exchange your money. Since no banks are involved, these transactions are not only cheap, but also feasible at any time. Unlike bank transfers, there is no day when transfers are not processed. In addition, the processing of transactions takes place relatively quickly.

However, there are also a few things here that somewhat diminish the positive impression of Bitcoin gambling. Despite recent successes, Bitcoin is still not a widely accepted means of payment. It is contrary to traditional currencies to use only with profound knowledge. Another limitation is the highly fluctuating value of the currency. It is precisely this fluctuation that has led many to use the currency merely to generate profit by trading with it. Despite all concerns, however, a steadily growing community has now formed, which looks positively on its development. In general, however, it is impossible to say how the development will continue. Here you can see at least the course of the last months and years:

How to get at Bitcoins?

To get to Bitcoins, there are two possibilities: a simple and a complex. I leave out the elaborate version of mining here, because it requires a considerable investment in mining hardware. The easier and faster way is to simply buy Bitcoins at one of the many exchanges (exchanges) at the current price. If you want to exchange euro or dollar in Crypto Currency, you have to choose an exchange that also trades with the so-called FIAT currencies. There are not very few exchanges, which only exchange crypto currencies among themselves. A very popular crypto exchange with a very high trading volume, where you can also buy Bitcoins, is for example Binance.

Security aspects of Bitcoin

The security of payment with Bitcoin has already been addressed several times in this article, but without going into further detail. I think a few points are particularly important to make a little more detailed.

No complete anonymity of payments

Again and again you hear about the fact that Bitcoin is an anonymous currency and is therefore particularly suitable for criminal activities. This is wrong. The fact that you can only see the public key of the sender and receiver publicly in the blockchain when making payments with Bitcoin does not mean that these payments are anonymous. Because as soon as payments can be assigned to a certain business (e.g. purchase in an online shop, exchange in other currencies), one also knows to whom the respective public key belongs. Ultimately, Bitcoin is at best a pseudo-anonymous and flows of money about Bitcoin can be traced to the law enforcement.

Own responsibility for the keys

Bitcoins are secure and independent. There is no institution that monitors your balances or restricts transactions. But this also means that you are solely responsible for your credit! This applies above all to your private key, which is required for access to the coins belonging to the Public Key. This Private Key is created only once, together with the Public Key. This key cannot be changed and cannot be restored in case of loss. If this key falls into other people's hands, they have full and unrestricted control over the corresponding credit, without being able to prevent anything themselves. So if the key is lost, the Bitcoins are gone irrevocably. To familiarize yourself with the very special terms, you should take a look at the official Bitcoin glossary.

It is therefore extremely important that the private key is kept safe immediately after creation. Both the public and private key consists of a long sequence of numbers and letters that you normally cannot remember. It is best to secure the information of the key pair directly in the wallet with which you have created it (backup) and secure the file in a place that no one has access to. This can be, for example, a USB stick in the vault. Note, however, that you secure the key pair not only with one method. If, for example, the USB stick fails technically or the sheet with the written keys is lost or destroyed, there is also no possibility of rescue. This large expenditure of key security is recommended especially for medium to larger balances, if you use a wallet only for micro transactions, the expenditure is usually not worthwhile, because you lose only relatively little credit. It is therefore recommended to briefly think about how much you want to deposit in a good Bitcoin casino and how much effort you spend to secure the keys.

Other cryptocurrencies created from Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first, but today it is no longer the only crypto currency. There are many imitators as well as projects with completely new ideas, concepts and functionalities. Bitcoin itself has certain rules on how the network finds consensus on how long the block time is or how large each individual block is. Nothing can be changed afterwards. But what you can do is a so-called fork. The original blockchain is taken over at a certain point, the code is slightly changed and continued with a new “rulebook”. From this fork, there are now two different and independent blockchains. Due to the popularity of Bitcoin, this has already happened several times. The following overview lists some (but by far not all) known cryptocurrencies that originated from Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Classic
  • Bitcoin XT
  • Bitcoin Unlimited
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Bitcoin Private
  • Bitcoin ABC

Alternative cryptocurrencies for casino Deposits

For the sake of completeness I would like to mention some alternative blockchains or crypto means of payment, which have nothing to do with Bitcoin, but with which you can also deposit at various Bitcoin casinos.

  • BEthereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple

Conclusion: Good experience with Bitcoin in the online casino

My Bitcoin Casino experiences are consistently positive. There is now a quite good selection of BTC casinos (see full list of all Bitcoin casinos) and there are more and more. <>The payments run smoothly and once you have understood how the payment confirmation is related to the blockchain and blocktime, you also have the patience to wait a few minutes for the receipt on the casino account. The associated fees for transactions are significantly lower than for any other payment method. The very low fees also help the casino to offer games with an even smaller house edge competitively – and you have something of that as a player. The best German Bitcoin casinos have consistently high payout percentages and a huge game selection.